Monday, June 20, 2016

What is a Referral? Why Do We Pay $700.00 for Them?

White Flowers in Glass Vase,
by John C. Drew, Ph.D. Oil on canvas.
I thought it might be smart to take a moment to define what I mean by a referral. This is important, in part, because I am paying folks up to $700.00 whenever they make a referral to Drew & Associates that turns into business. We pay out this referral fee by cutting a check to you or by making a donation, in your name, to the charity of your choice.

To make this system work, I need to make it clear what counts as a referral. Specifically, a referral means that the prospect: 

  1. Knows who I am and what I do,
  2. Expects a call from me, and
  3. Needs my services. 

In other words, a referral should be a guaranteed sale, unless I mess it up. I am happy to talk with you about referrals and our referral fee program greater at length. Please call me at 949-643-8058. When we speak I will answer your questions and give you more of my tips for making great, profitable referrals.

Please rest assured that the client does not pay any more or any less for my services simply because they have come to me through our referral program. My referral fee is an important part of my business because it reduces my dependence on much more expensive forms of business development like telemarketing and direct mail campaigns. We are, in a sense, sharing our savings with you when you make a successful referral.

Although we do not discuss the referral with the client, we will discuss it and provide full details if we are asked. We encourage you to share about the referral with everyone including the client so that others can also take advantage of this wonderful, cost-efficient business development system. 

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