Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dr. Drew on Grant Research: The Key Websites for Grant Research

Often people call in or send me an e-mail requesting information regarding grants or scholarships for individuals.  Below, I've listed the most important websites I turn to for assistance in handling these issues.
The single best source of reliable and trusted information regarding scholarships and grants comes from the resources of the Foundation Center in New York.  See,

For folks interested in additional information regarding federal grant applications, I think the best place to go for powerful, immediate information is

For students and parents (and older adults) interested in further information on scholarships, they should be check out

For those interested in learning more about government benefits they may qualify for, they should check out

Additional information on how to benefit from grants and scholarships on an individual basis are available from Dr. Drew directly by ordering one of his booklets, particularly the booklet called Nine Greatest Pathways for Profiting from Grants, at